Wine Storage Services

Wine Storage Options


The 47 Wine Storage offers bulk, racking, and walk-in climate controlled wine lockers. Bulk storage is configured for 12 cases or 24 cases. Racking lockers are configured for 8 cases.

There is also a bulk-racking hybrid storage option which can accommodate 18 cases stored in bulk and 16 cases racked.

Walk-in lockers are also offered and measure approximately 4’ by 8’ with an 8’ ceiling height. Other walk-in lockers can be customized per individual client requirements.

Accessibility and Protection

Card keys allow clients to access their individual wine lockers seven days a week from 10 am to 9 pm. All lockers are individually partitioned and will be secured by your own lock and key.

Complimentary protection is provided with accessibility rules and security and surveillance systems: each client’s access is limited by card key to the row in which his or her locker is located and the storage alarm system provides 24 hour camera surveillance, seven days a week.

To reinforce security, afterhours the perimeter of the building is also checked by security patrols.


Convenient adjacent on-site parking is provided. A hand truck is always available on site to easily move your wine from your vehicle to your locker.

Receiving Wine Shipments

All locker pricing includes The 47 Wine Storage accepting wine deliveries on behalf of our clients, by appointment.

Please contact us to schedule your deliveries. Wine deliveries must be prepaid and should meet the legal requirements set by the current Washington State regulations.

Cellar Relocation

The 47 Wine Storage is pleased to offer complimentary cellar relocation to its new clients, when moving 36 cases or more.

Access Hours

The 47 Wine Storage is open year-round. Card keys allow clients to access their individual wine lockers seven days a week, from 10 am to 9 pm.



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